ATTENTION: Business Partner OR Part Time Job Needed

Hi! Are you looking for a business partner? Or someone to do a work for you? Or someone that can help you ease your work’s burden? I guess that you can hire me! Before that, have a read of what I want to say below. 

I am looking for a job that I can work from home or maybe a part time job where my existence must be at some place to work (preferably at night only 7PM-11PM, and availability for full day on Saturday). Currently resides at Shah Alam and would accept only work place that is near to my home. Typical skills that I have: 
  • Summarizing a bunch of documents (Articles on Internet, Book, Magazine, etc.) and make it into a single document. Example: Collecting data about biography of a millionaire and publish it in blog. 
  • Excellent in using formulas in Microsoft Office (Excel and Word) to key in budgetary, planning, statistics. Note: I always using Excel to plan daily expenditure or even forecasting an investment!  
  • Very hygiene, neat and systematic, so whatever I do or wherever I am, that attitude follows. Example: Arranging files in ergonomics manner, cleaning house area and decorating places.  
  • Likes to garden (plant trees) and loves animal too. I can take care your pets for a time if you want. Note: Cats is simple. I even farmed some chicken when I was a child which eventually I ate them.
  • History and Geography are my strong interest. I can work accurately to come out with a finding or theory. Note: I scored straight A for these subjects during school and until now still love to learn it!

I am now seriously looking for extra money for my wedding. I would be thankful if someone can help me out. By the way, please, I HATE so much multi-level marketing (MLM), direct product selling and commission-basis work (such as insurance agent). All I want is a REAL job such as working at a restaurant, online survey that really pays, part-time tuition, data-entry, house cleaning service, painting house job, blogging in a team, cat petting service, agriculture job, etc. If you have an offer for me, please leave a comment. Thank you!

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