TOP 10: Weirdest Interview Questions (Reality Happened)

If you are in the midst of preparing for an interview, BEWARE of these questions. It may sound weird but in reality, it happens. So be careful ok? Expect the unexpected. Good luck in getting the job!

 (1)   Which English Football club do you support?

 (2)   How many chickens are there in the world?

 (3)   What animal describe you the best?

 (4)   How do you measure all the water in the sea?

 (5)   If you stuck in a room with a ferocious pink dragon, what would you do?

 (6)   Do you believe in ghost?

 (7)   You said you know how to speak Japanese, are you ever be in one of those cosplay characters?

 (8)   What is the colour of money?

 (9)   If I ask you to kayaking across the English Straits, how would you do it?

(10)  What is the funniest thing you have done recently?

CESC FABREGAS: Fantastic Facts About Playing With Chelsea FC

If there is no Cesc Fabregas, perhaps Diego Costa could not score 7 goals in 4 matches! Immediately after signing with Chelsea, with impact he is delivering, Frank Lampard is now can be assumed as a "Forgotten History". Sorry to say, but it's true! The number-4-jersey is really creative in central midfield. Oh, how about Eden Hazard? Is he is still "Hazardous" as last year? Well for that, I am firmly believe his performance is just so-so. Whatever it is, below are some of Cesc Fabregas photos about his career in football from until now. 

Cesc Fabregas & Gerrard Pique - Young and Dangerous

Fabregas as a Lead Guitarist?

Gaining Captaincy For Arsenal

Something Wrong at Barcelona?

Going Bald Making Him More Creative

In case if you haven't notice, Fabregas had played football for senior team for 10 years already. When he started with Arsenal back then, record shown that at 17 years old, he is the youngest player ever who making the first debut for Arsenal senior team. Since then, Arsene Wenger believed that a new "Patrick Viera" had been found! And the story goes all the way until now he is with Chelsea. Lastly, three facts you should know, 1st, I am a Chelsea fan, 2nd, I am Spain fan and 3rd, Cesc Fabregas sharing the same age as mine! Adios! 

Cesc Fabregas' Spain Career