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TIPS: How To Make 1 Million In An Easy Way?

What if one day when you are checking your account balance in the bank and the value is $1,000,000 extra? Yeah, it is totally unbelievable but this is the story is all about – FANTASY. If this occurs to me right now or in the near future (I wish so.. HAHA), the way I would spend it is like in the table below. But how about you?!!
Credit Card Debt
$ 5,000
Education Loan
$ 38,000
Car Loan Repayment
$ 47,000
Housing Loan Repayment
$ 450,000
Wedding Cost
$ 40,000
$ 70,000
Makkah Pilgrimage (As I am a Muslim)
$ 40,000
Gift to My Beloved Mother
$ 50,000
Gift to My Lover
$ 20,000
Gift to Mosque
$ 20,000
Gift to Disable / Orphans
$ 20,000
$ 160,000
$ 50,000
$ 1,000,000

Once again, I know it is just something that won’t really will become true so the purpose for this posting this time is to give the readers a peace of mind, relaxing time and leisure thinking. Let’s just release some stress shall we? Imagine what you read above is happening now, would you be happy!? But for the sake of people around you and also God who bless you (by giving this opportunity), please reflect you gratitude by being good to others as well. Don’t spend it for yourself only! And for me, if I have another $1,000,000 probably I will donate it to support Palestine warriors to defend their country!

AUGUST: Happy Birthday To Me

Today, it is my birthday. I have grown up in a flash. Last time I remembered, I was still in high school playing football with my friends and scoring a beautiful goal. Then I go to University and later on get my first job. And now, I am working for my second company for more than 2 years already. I still have a lots of dream to achieve. But there are lots of limitation I had to face which may preventing me from achieving those dreams. 

And my new life motto is “Whatever It Takes”. Be it in positive or even negative way, whatever it takes for me to achieve something, I will do it without hesitation. But of course I would prefer good things in positive way. So, let’s see. Happy birthday to me then. (T__________T)

ATTENTION: Business Partner OR Part Time Job Needed

Hi! Are you looking for a business partner? Or someone to do a work for you? Or someone that can help you ease your work’s burden? I guess that you can hire me! Before that, have a read of what I want to say below. 

I am looking for a job that I can work from home or maybe a part time job where my existence must be at some place to work (preferably at night only 7PM-11PM, and availability for full day on Saturday). Currently resides at Shah Alam and would accept only work place that is near to my home. Typical skills that I have: 
  • Summarizing a bunch of documents (Articles on Internet, Book, Magazine, etc.) and make it into a single document. Example: Collecting data about biography of a millionaire and publish it in blog. 
  • Excellent in using formulas in Microsoft Office (Excel and Word) to key in budgetary, planning, statistics. Note: I always using Excel to plan daily expenditure or even forecasting an investment!  
  • Very hygiene, neat and systematic, so whatever I do or wherever I am, that attitude follows. Example: Arranging files in ergonomics manner, cleaning house area and decorating places.  
  • Likes to garden (plant trees) and loves animal too. I can take care your pets for a time if you want. Note: Cats is simple. I even farmed some chicken when I was a child which eventually I ate them.
  • History and Geography are my strong interest. I can work accurately to come out with a finding or theory. Note: I scored straight A for these subjects during school and until now still love to learn it!

I am now seriously looking for extra money for my wedding. I would be thankful if someone can help me out. By the way, please, I HATE so much multi-level marketing (MLM), direct product selling and commission-basis work (such as insurance agent). All I want is a REAL job such as working at a restaurant, online survey that really pays, part-time tuition, data-entry, house cleaning service, painting house job, blogging in a team, cat petting service, agriculture job, etc. If you have an offer for me, please leave a comment. Thank you!

READ: Important Message From A Malaysian Blogger

Dear readers, as a purpose for me to improve English language and its grammar, I have decided to make the future post in this blog ( to be in such language. Apart from that, I would also like to go more internationally by hoping an increase number of visitors who live outside of my country – Malaysia. But I really wish that whatever I post in the future in this blog, it will not go wrong in your opinion. Anyway, thank you for supporting me until now. Please continue to do the same!

ANSWERED: Why Characters In Bleach Anime Has A Germany Name?

Yes it is true that lots of characters, fighting techniques or even places in this Bleach anime are using Germany words. Although sometimes I get confused that are they using Germany or Spanish language but pretty sure it was in Germany! Well, the REASON why this could happen is because - do you remember "participated country" during World War II? The Germans are actually allied with the Japanese and declaring war against United States. So I think this is one of the reason why Bleach anime using Germany words. By the way, this is just my thoughts and I don't know if it is right or wrong ^..^

There are tons of name. And one of the example is as shown in below. Forstendich - a Germany word?

ATTENTION: Must We Boycott These 5 Most Popular Israeli?

No offense, but as war keep on continuing at Palestine where THOUSANDS of innocent people were killed, should we extend the campaign now by boycotting these 5 of the most popular figures from Israel? Yes they are human like us but will they care like us?? I don't know but I think boycott should be overall. Everything originated from this country must be banned! This act is for them to aware how serious we are in protecting Palestine people. To Israeli who read this, I mean no rude but I think you should also think as a human and perhaps start a right move as well. After all, we are only a weak sapiens.