TIPS: How To Earn Money Easily (Without Capital)

Last time I already posted this, but this time I want to share with you guys one time again, the simplest way to make money! Imagine that for ONE click on your shared story from your friends, and you can get RM0.20. So what if 50 friends clicked? It would be RM10.00! Just for ONE story you share. Let say an average of one story per one day. So in a month you can get RM300.00 already. Remember, it just clicking and yet only 50 friends clicked it and one story per day. SIMPLE. Don't need to crack ideas, just click it!

Until today I have succeeded to cash out RM200. Not bad at all. While browsing the internet, I can earn money at the same time. So don't waste time, join me by clicking link below and start easy money earning! 

Attention for all:
1) It will require you to give bank account number, but don't worry it safe as I already get my money!
2) Yes it is easy but you must take effort to share the link and ensure your friends to click it.
3) As a Muslim, we also must know that Allah will help us if only we make an effort
4) Do inform me or add me in Twitter, I will click on your shared link too!

9 TIPS: How To Save Money During Traveling

I believe most of us would like to travel to some places around the world (especially for vacation or spending holidays). But the common question is how to travel with small amount of money in pocket? To be honest, there is lots of site already giving this tips. But, I found from a web a very useful and effective tips to travel with less spending. Let me re-phase it as below:

1 - WISE: Travel off-season

2 - SMART: Travel in group

3 - SLICK: Eats like a local

4 - BRIGHT: Takes advantage of credit card deals

5 - RESOURCEFUL: Know where to get the best exchange rate

6 - CAREFUL: Check multiple hotel-booking sites before making a decision

7 - SAVVY: Plan early & know when airlines are offering discounts on airfares

8 - BOLD: Saves on accommodation by sleeping on overnight buses and trains

9 - INTELLIGENT: Never let student, membership nor senior citizen discounts go to waste

TIPS: How To Make A Blog Alive

Thank you for visiting this blog. Today, I officially announce that it had been 7 years and 9 months since the very first post of this blog. So what is the mean of this? Actually, what I want to tell is, I have managed to keep this blog ALIVE for almost 8 years! Yeay! Hmm.. but the number of post is not good isn't? What ever the reason holding me to keep posting, I am still happy for this 8 years. Once again, thank you for your support. Please continue reading in future. Who knows that I might posting something very meaningful to you! 

A simple tips to keep a blog alive is by continue posting some article although just once in a month. Then think about positive ideas such as you can make new friends or even earn some money!