TIPS: How To Make A Blog Alive

Thank you for visiting this blog. Today, I officially announce that it had been 7 years and 9 months since the very first post of this blog. So what is the mean of this? Actually, what I want to tell is, I have managed to keep this blog ALIVE for almost 8 years! Yeay! Hmm.. but the number of post is not good isn't? What ever the reason holding me to keep posting, I am still happy for this 8 years. Once again, thank you for your support. Please continue reading in future. Who knows that I might posting something very meaningful to you! 

A simple tips to keep a blog alive is by continue posting some article although just once in a month. Then think about positive ideas such as you can make new friends or even earn some money!

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noor liyana said...'s's enough for an article a it's all about friends and money..really..hehe...